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Have Fun Solving Mysteries At The Escape Quest Near Carlyle Square

If you looking for an afternoon of games, adventure and mysteries with friends and family, head over to the Escape Quest at 1127 King St 2nd floor, above Serafino. Escape Quest is a live action-adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategies to complete the objectives at hand and escape the room within 60 minutes. Escape Quest has five different escape rooms with different types of adventures that you can choose from. They include:
  • The black widow- this is murder mystery where you and your friends are locked in the gothic lair of the beautiful and infamous Black Widow serial killer who is known for marrying and killing her husband. You have 60 minutes to discover why and how she kills them, and escape before you become her next victims.
  • The king's ransom- this puzzle involves finding a hidden coffer of gold and saving the King from certain death.
  • The lost temple-  in this adventure, you and a team of explorers decide to find hidden treasures in a hidden temple deep in a South American jungle and get out alive.
  • The Captain's quarters- You and your friends have been tasked to recover a chest of stolen treasure hidden in the private office of the notorious and sinister Captain Jack Buckingham. You have 60 minutes to retrieve the treasure and escape the room before Captain Jack returns to send you to a watery grave!
  • The Bunker- One week ago, the Pentagon received intel suggesting that a cache of deadly Soviet missiles capable of striking any location in the world would soon be launched. Your mission is to rescue Sergeant Williams and to finish the job he was sent in to accomplish.
The Escape Quest is open 7 days-a-week and extended holiday hours.

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