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Programs For Senior Citizens In Alexandria

A wide range of services available in Alexandria for older adults. As colder weather approaches and people are less able to be outdoors or have socially distanced visits with friends, services that ensure seniors remain engaged are especially valuable. Some of these services are given below.


According to, "This is a free program for those 60 and older in Northern Virginia that provides a daily phone call to check-in, chat and provide reminders for medication and other activities. The goal is to prevent minor problems from becoming major emergencies. For more information, go to, call 703-516-6769 or email Laura Alexander, PRS support manager, at"

Jewish Social Services Agency

As per, "JSSA provides a range of services to seniors in Northern Virginia, including counseling and care management. Their goal is to help older adults maintain independence and dignity as they age. Services are provided by skilled professionals and trained volunteers. For information on how to access their services, go to, or call 703- 896-7918."

Snow Buddy Program

According to, "This is a service of Volunteer Alexandria that provides snow removal for eligible Alexandria residents. Volunteers are matched with low-income seniors, or the homebound or disabled, who are physically unable to do the snow removal themselves, cannot afford to pay for this service, or do not have others to assist them. Once assigned, volunteers are on-call for the duration of the program season, which begins on Nov. 1 and normally ends by April 30. Volunteers bring their own shovel and the city provides ice melt. To request the Snow Buddy service, or for information on eligibility, go to, or call Volunteer Alexandria at 703-836- 2176."

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